Huskies send Blades packing

first_imgIn all, the Huskies got goals from Kole Norris (3), Sidhu (2), Hildebrand (3), McInerney (2), Cash Brinkworth, and Cody Kalb.Taylor Jones had both goals for the Blades, to bring his total in the five-game series to nine goals, though Fort St. John did do a better job of shutting down the top line of Jones, Aaron Dumas, and Bob Bailey. “Five games in eight days for Beaverlodge, and that number-one line of theirs has been going every second shift all this time, and I know that they had to be getting tired, and you could see it tonight” said Huskies Coach Bob Kalb after the game. Kalb also referenced Beaverlodge’s goaltending situation, saying “they had their backup there tonight, and he did alright, but he had a lot of shots.”Ty Gullickson made 34 saves, including a few eye-popping ones, for his third straight win in goal, though Coach Kalb says he was simply riding a hot goaltender, and still plans to use Garrett Muir in the next round.There were four fights in the third period, however, the game did not devolve into the penalty-filled gong-show that many had been expecting, after the bad blood that had been developing earlier in the series. “Actually I thought it went pretty good” said Coach Kalb afterwards. “One of their guys came and talked to our captain about halfway through the game, and just said ‘show a little class, and we’ll try to as well’ so I don’t think they wanted to get things carried away.” Kalb said there were “one or two things that needed to get straightened out” but that otherwise his team wanted to stick to ‘playing hockey’.Advertisement – Advertisement -The Huskies advanced to the second round, with a comfortable win over Beaverlodge in game five on Wednesday night.The Blades scored the first goal, on a sharp angle shot from Taylor Jones four minutes into the first period.But from there on out, it was all Fort St. John. Cody Gayse returned to the Blades lineup, and played the full 60 minutes in goal, facing 50 shots in total.The Huskies scored five in the first, three in the second, and another four in the third, for a 12-2 victory.The Huskies second line was particularly potent, with Luke McInerney, Cody Hildebrand, and Robbie Sidhu combining for seven goals. McInerney recorded four points (2 goals + 2 assists), Hildebrand had five (3+2) and Sidhu had 2 (2 goals). “It was excellent” said Cody Hildebrand after the game. “I love playing with them … we know where each other are all the time.” Hildebrand is hopeful the trio will stick together, saying “we played good enough tonight to prove that we should be together.”Advertisement By Jon Zacks The season is now over for the Blades, while the Huskies will advance to take on the Grande Prairie Wheelers in the next round. “They’re a good team, they’re going to be tougher than Beaverlodge, that’s for sure” said Cody Hildebrand of the Wheelers. “But we’ve got to come out and play our game, and we’ll be fine.” Coach Kalb also seemed confident with his team’s chances, though he did admits it still has improvements to make. “We’re going to have to be better, we’re going to have to toughen up, and tighten up defensively” said Kalb, particularly referring to a need to be more disciplined down the road. Round two (best-of-seven) schedule so far:Game 1 – Mon. March 1st @ Fort St. JohnGame 2 – Wed. Mar. 3rd – @ Grande Prairie Game 3 – Fri. Mar. 5th – @ Fort St. JohnGame 4 – TBA @ GPlast_img read more


PS4 will easily outsell the Xbox One next year and its Microsofts

first_imgWhenever a new games console is released, there’s a huge amount of money pumped into marketing the hardware as well as a push to get it on to store shelves in as many markets as possible. There’s a good reason for that: you need as big a user base as possible, as quickly as possible, to recoup the costs of developing the new machine and start making a profit.For this new generation of hardware Sony seems to have gotten that right, where as Microsoft is in danger of getting it horribly wrong. The reason? Availability.Back in June at E3, Microsoft announced that it intended to release the Xbox One in 21 countries come launch day in November. However, by August that plan had been revised to just 13 countries. The other eight — including Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Sweden, and Switzerland — now have to wait until 2014.That was a blow for gamers in those countries, but also for Microsoft, because the PS4 would gain an advantage simply by being available in those markets. But how long would gamers be left waiting for the Xbox One in these countries?Although not officially confirmed yet, it is thought that Microsoft has delayed the launch until the third-quarter of 2014. So, at the earliest, some or all of those countries won’t get the Xbox One until July, but it could be as late as September.When Microsoft originally announced the fact the company would only launch in 13 countries this year, the reason given was to ensure “customers get the best Xbox One experience the first day it is available.” It seems unlikely that remains the reason they would delay a launch 8-10 months.The situation looks worse if you also consider Asia. Microsoft has already confirmed it won’t be releasing the Xbox One in Hong Kong, India, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan until late 2014. Japan also doesn’t have a release date. In total, that’s 14 markets where Microsoft isn’t offering any competition for Sony for most of the next year.The Xbox One does not use any brand new tech beyond the revised Kinect hardware. In fact, the internals of the PS4 and Xbox One are very similar. There should be no issues manufacturing the Xbox, so you have to look to Microsoft’s organization to see why launches are being delayed and staggered months apart. Was this simply not planned well enough?When the sales figures roll in at the end of 2014, it seems inevitable that the PS4 will have a huge lead over the Xbox One. We could be talking millions of consoles here. And the reason is one of availability. If your competition is making its product available in 14 more markets than you are, and based on launch sales, matching you in the markets where your console is available, you simply can’t “win.”And could this situation get any worse? Quite easily, actually. A year from now Sony may be in a position to lower the price of the PS4, meaning Microsoft may be launching the Xbox One in some countries with an even greater price differential than the current $100 gap. Of course, Microsoft could also lower the price of the Xbox One, but that’s a lot of profit being thrown away, especially when you consider the additional costs of marketing surrounding a launch for each new market.last_img read more