Using Non-Evolution to Preach Evolution

first_img(Visited 480 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 Darwinists are adept and commandeering evidence contrary to their theory to make it look like support for their theory.Watch how Darwinians take observations that have nothing to do with evolution and twist them into support for evolution. To an unbiased observer, some of the evidence would actually support intelligent design.Why women – including feminists – are still attracted to ‘benevolently sexist’ men (The Conversation). This pseudo-scientific website, ostensibly advocating science, has become a hotbed of hot air where evolutionists run rampant with speculative just-so stories. If you are a man, do you mind your manners and do nice things for women, like holding the door for them? If you are a woman, are you offended by such acts of kindness, calling them instances of ‘benevolent sexism’? Good grief, can’t we all grow up? Nobody need give offense or be offended; just learn the right responses, ladies, like “Thanks, but I can handle it.” What gets really intolerable is when the clueless authors of this stupid article, Pelin Gül and Tom R. Kupfer, conjure up the Bearded Buddha to explain why we act that way.During much of human history, a woman’s ability to choose a mate who was able and willing to assist in this process – by providing food or protection from aggressors – would have increased her reproductive success.Evolution, therefore, shaped female psychology to attend to – and prefer – mates whose characteristics and behaviors reveal the willingness to invest. A prospective mate’s muscular physique (and, today, his big wallet) certainly indicate that he possesses this ability. But opening a car door or offering his coat are signs that he may have the desired disposition.Corel Pro PhotosUndoubtedly, if men acted with no ‘benevolent sexism’ or even with ‘malevolent sexism,’ these evolutionists would be able to explain that, too. But probing further, we can ask, who are the real sexists here? Is it not these Darwinians, who have just pigeonholed all men and all women into stereotypical categories? Feminists should be outraged, because these two (one male, one female) have just destroyed feminism! They turn willful feminists into blind subjects of evolutionary forces that evolved in some cave somewhere a hundred thousand years ago. We can even laugh louder. If Gül and Kupfer were correct, they themselves would have no control over the kinds of nonsense they write, because products of natural selection engage in behaviors molded by selfish genes – not out of convictions of logic or moral choices.Oldest-known aquatic reptiles probably spent time on land (Science Daily). Fossil marine reptiles have been shown with the ability to lay eggs in the water or on land. How does that support Darwinian evolution? It doesn’t. These are assumed to be the oldest of the mesosaurs, and apparently they could reproduce either way. That sounds like a better design than being obligatory aquatic or terrestrial. Actually, Professor Graciela Piñeiro of Uruguay, a.k.a. Miss Information, cannot even prove that the juveniles spent time on land, because the bones are “almost always disarticulated, very weathered and badly preserved.” Who knows; maybe they were buried in some global watery catastrophe or something. Asserting that the fossils are important “for the understanding of reptile evolution” and “the evolution of the amniotic egg” doesn’t make it so.Human influences on the strength of phenotypic selection (PNAS). The geniuses behind this theory, Vincent Fugère and Andrew P. Hendry, surmise that humans are making animals evolve faster. “This synthesis provides new insights into the evolutionary response of populations to global change, and suggests that only some human disturbances might have large immediate evolutionary impacts in nature,” they say in Darwinese Jargonwocky. So much for free will. Humans are just products of evolution affecting the environment. Well, guess what! So are Fugère and Hendry! Unless they can account for truth and morality, they don’t really mean anything they say, because as products of evolution themselves, they blindly follow the Stuff Happens Law. You can tell they are evolving when their lips are moving.Artificial genes show life does not have to be based on DNA (New Scientist). You have to think about this one to see the error. Reporter Michael Marshall thinks that “artificial genes” provide support for evolution. He thinks that astrobiologists who have tinkered with possibilities beyond DNA (extra bases, for instance) have demonstrated that other molecules can store genetic information. Therefore, he speculates with his astrobiologist buddies, life could evolve on other planets without the familiar form of nucleic acids used by all life on Earth. Does this support evolution? Steve Benner thinks so; “It implies that extraterrestrial life might be based on alternative genetic molecules.”Actually, no, for two reasons. One, what the researchers at Scripps and other labs demonstrated was intelligent design. They applied their minds to achieve goals with molecules that did not happen naturally on Earth. Two, they proved that nature does not ‘have’ to use DNA. This implies contingency; there was no natural law requiring DNA be the only carrier of genetic information. Evolutionists cannot say, therefore, that natural laws drove the use of DNA at the origin of life. If it was due to contingency and not necessity, it becomes a matter of probability – not natural law. Illustra Media showed in its documentary film Origin that the probability of getting a single protein by chance is equivalent to zero, even assuming an Earth running constant trials under ideal conditions for many, many times the assumed age of the universe (see “The Amoeba’s Journey” in the film clips).This is kind of fun, isn’t it, when you get the hang of it. The only question is why so few students get the hang of it. Why are they such gullible dupes for Miss Information? We need more Baloney Detectors! last_img read more


2011 Sportscover Sponsorship Fund

first_imgThe fund will award 20 grants of $750USD (or equivalent local currency) to Sporting Clubs or Associations throughout 2011.    There will be three rounds of grants in 2011:Round 1   April – May     $750USD X 7 (or equivalent local currency)Round 2   June – July     $750USD X 7 (or equivalent local currency)Round 3   Sept – Oct      $750USD X 6 (or equivalent local currency)Sportscover’s desire to assist community sports led to the creation of the Sportscover Sponsorship Fund as an avenue to sponsor a wide variety of amateur sports men and women, striving to achieve sporting greatness across a broad cross-section of sports. Over the last few years, the Sportscover Sponsorship Fund has donated over $70,000 in $1000 grants to grass-roots sporting clubs and associations. Further details can be found on the Sportscover website. Click on the following link to be taken to their website:http://www.sportscover.com/supporting-sport.asp?id=2721last_img read more


10 months agoOFF! Crystal Palace pull out of deal for Liverpool striker Solanke

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say OFF! Crystal Palace pull out of deal for Liverpool striker Solankeby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveCrystal Palace have pulled out of their deal for Liverpool striker Dominic Solanke.BBC Sport reports Solanke’s proposed loan move to Crystal Palace is off because of concerns over his fitness.Palace manager Roy Hodgson confirmed the 21-year-old was a target for the January transfer window on Sunday.But Solanke has not made a first-team appearance for Liverpool this season and was ruled out of recent matches because of a muscle problem.Palace need a striker who is available to play immediately. last_img


10 months agoEx-Juventus coach Capello tells Napoli: Don’t give up!

first_imgAbout the authorCarlos VolcanoShare the loveHave your say Ex-Juventus coach Capello tells Napoli: Don’t give up!by Carlos Volcano10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveFormer Juventus coach Fabio Capello has urged their rivals not to give up on the Scudetto.Capello believes Napoli are capable of catching the Serie A leaders.“I don’t agree, look at the available points,” Capello insisted in an interview with Il Messaggero.“Those who are chasing Juventus must not give up, Napoli and the others. The fans are used to it, the Bianconeri have been dominating for seven years, but the passion is still there.“In Milan it has even grown.” last_img


Ohio State running game looks to establish fresh identity

OSU sophomore running back Ezekiel Elliott. Credit: Courtesy of OSUAs new players sift in and out of a college football program, the identity of the team ebbs and flows. At Ohio State, that’s especially pronounced when it comes to the running game.After finishing fifth nationally in rushing yards per game last season, the Buckeyes are ranked 81st two weeks into 2014. In OSU’s most recent game — a 35-21 loss to Virginia Tech under the Ohio Stadium lights on Saturday — the team managed a measly 108 yards on the ground.Of those 108 yards, just 58 came from players listed as running backs on the depth chart. Redshirt-freshman quarterback J.T. Barrett accounted for 70 yards, while taking 24 of the team’s 40 total carries in the game. Sophomore H-back Dontre Wilson had negative five yards on two carries, while the team was credited with negative 15 yards.While Barrett spent much of the game running for his life as the pocket broke down around him, the Hokies succeeded in keeping Buckeyes’ playbook largely closed. Redshirt-senior offensive lineman Darryl Baldwin said after the loss the running game is important when it comes to setting up the rest of the offense, but the Buckeyes have not been able to establish their ground game so far this season.“The run game opens up the entire offense,” Baldwin said. “You start play action and drop back passes they (the opposition) are not ready for. It really just opens up everything and we just weren’t able to get it started.”While the Buckeyes tried to use the passing game to open up the running game against Virginia Tech — Barrett had 29 pass attempts compared to just 15 in week one against Navy — Barrett’s nine completions didn’t cut it as the Hokies kept the pressure on Barrett throughout the game.Two games into the season, OSU coach Urban Meyer said this year’s Buckeyes want to emulate the 2013 team’s offensive identity — albeit with more focus on the passing game — but didn’t have a chance to do it against the Midshipmen or the Hokies.“Our offensive identity would be last year with a little more balance and throwing the ball is who we’d like to be,” Meyer said Monday. “That’s kind of what we’re built for schematically.”Meyer went on to say that the running game this season should feature more of a perimeter attack — partially because of the absence of former Buckeye running back Carlos Hyde — but the Hokies’ defense negated that.With the running game stalled, the team turned to the air, which OSU running backs coach Stan Drayton said made it difficult to get rolling on offense.“Any time you feel one-dimensional in a game like that, it’s very frustrating,” Drayton said Monday. “Doesn’t mean the game is going to stop because you’re frustrated, we’ve just got to find the rhythm against a defense like that.”Meyer said he doesn’t expect to see another defense like Virginia Tech — except, perhaps, against Michigan State — but Drayton said the Buckeyes’ offense should “absolutely” have the ability to attack any defense. He added that in order to do that, the team has to keep Barrett out of pressure.“We have to do a better job of protecting our quarterback, a young quarterback who’s experiencing some things for the first time,” Drayton said. “We’ve got to make him feel confident in the people around him.”Out of last year’s offensive line — which was successful in protecting the quarterback — four have moved on to the NFL while the fifth, junior Taylor Decker, slid over to left tackle. Along with those four linemen, the loss of Hyde has forced OSU to try to re-imagine the running game.Drayton said losing Hyde isn’t necessarily good or bad, but simply forces OSU to change its style.Hyde now plays for the San Francisco 49ers and tallied 50 yards and a touchdown on seven carries in his NFL debut Sunday.Through two games, OSU’s new production hasn’t materialized as the best rushing output from a running back was freshman Curtis Samuel’s 45 yards against Navy.While Samuel’s debut was promising as he averaged 6.4 yards per carry, he was handed the ball just five times against the Hokies, totaling 26 yards. He has been the most efficient running back in the offense, but sophomore Ezekiel Elliott has had the most carries at 20, and redshirt-senior Rod Smith — who was listed as a co-starter with Elliott and Samuel — has totaled just two carries, both against Navy, so far this season.“We have a lot of things different right now,” Drayton said. “Offensively we have to fit our skill set, and what they (the running backs) bring to the table is a lot different than what (Hyde) was able to bring to the table last year.”The Buckeyes’ running game is set for another chance to establish an identity on Saturday. OSU is scheduled to take on Kent State at noon at Ohio Stadium. read more


Eddie Howe Sarri is one of worlds best

first_imgBournemouth manager Eddie Howe has hailed Sarri as one of the “best managers in the world” ahead of Saturday’s game at Stamford Bridge.Bournemouth will play Chelsea, who are third in the table and looking for their fourth win in four Premier League games to maintain their 100 per cent record.In the pre-match press conference, Howe said he was so impressed by Sarri’s tactics while he was in charge at Empoli that he travelled to Italy just to meet him.Tammy Abraham, ChelseaChelsea hat-trick hero Tammy Abraham hopes for more Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Tammy Abraham hopes this season will be his big breakthrough at Chelsea after firing his first hat-trick for the club in Saturday’s 5-2 win at Wolves.“I’d heard a lot about his Empoli team and how impressive they were tactically, so I was really keen to go and watch him work, so we made contact with his people and he was kind enough to allow us to come,” Howe told Sky Sports.“I actually don’t remember the year that I went, but I spent a period of time with Maurizio and he was brilliant with me and I learnt so much. It’s no surprise to see that he’s one of the best coaches in the world.“What I saw, I was hugely impressed by and learned a lot from that experience. He brought his Napoli team to play us last year as well – they trained here for a couple of days, we played them and it was great to see him again.”last_img read more


Maradona denies his criticism against Lionel Messi

first_imgAfter his explosive criticism against Lionel Messi, Diego Maradona claims that the interview was doctored and he never attacked the Barcelona star.A few weeks back from his comfortable job as the Sinaloa Dorados manager, Diego Maradona made some incendiary comments about Lionel Messi’s lack of commitment in the Argentine National Team.The statement was very clear and it didn’t look doctored at all, he basically conveyed the same message that millions of Argentineans have been saying about the Barcelona star.Since he began playing for his country, Messi hasn’t won a single trophy with the first squad and he has always struggled to win the heart of many of his compatriots.When the Mexican press asked Maradona about Messi’s role in the squad, Diego’s response was very aggressive and it made a huge echo around the world.This was not the first time that the idol came after Messi for not being able to win trophies for Argentina, he has already stated that Leo has no leadership and basically dissed him several times in front of the press before.But during this new interview for Marca Claro, Maradona’s first response was to deny anything he said and insinuate that the video from that interview was doctored by Fox Sports Mexico.Maradona: “Me hubiese encantado una oportunidad en el Real Madrid. Me sobran espaldas para ello. Pero bueno, las cosas se dieron así. Hoy estoy en Dorados y soy feliz” https://t.co/3yIrBfhDR0— MARCA (@marca) November 14, 2018“It’s all lies. Leo is my friend and I would never attack one of my friends. In any case, I would tell him what I think right to his face. I would never tell him anything like that through an interview,” said Maradona on Marca.“All I’ve ever said about Leo is that he is a football phenomenon and that’s it. I also said that 20 Argentina players went to the bathroom instead of playing a crucial match, but I wasn’t referring to Messi.”“On the contrary, what Leo wanted during the 2010 World Cup was to change clothes quickly so he could step on the pitch and ask for the ball, which is something that many players didn’t want to do.”“A lot of those players wanted to hide from the ball. I am… not tired, but I do want to tell all those people that what Leo and I have is unconditional. I frankly don’t know why they have that obsession with him and I.”David Villa, FC BarcelonaTop 10 players who played for both Barcelona and Valencia Boro Tanchev – September 14, 2019 Time to talk about the best players who represented both Barcelona and Valencia, prior to their La Liga encounter at Camp Nou this evening.“People could’ve compared Leo with Ronaldinho for example, ‘Dinho’ really made it “rain” in Barcelona and nobody wants to remember him. Barcelona has that characteristic. They tend to forget their idols pretty quickly.”“You can ask for Rivaldo there, after that goal he scored against Atletico Madrid, or ask about the bicycle kick goal he scored against Valencia.”“Nobody will remember him. You already know what all the papers from Barcelona are like, they will always want me and Leo to get in a fight. But I will go on a barbecue with Leo, we play foot-tennis and we are happy.”“Maybe the people think that we will need to meet with our wives and wearing suits but no, quite the opposite actually. We could easily meet wearing shorts, with no shoes and wearing a casual shirt. No problem man,” he concluded.Messi cada vez que le dicen que Maradona habla de él pic.twitter.com/hILIReDzzJ— ivar arnaldo suarez (@arnaldosuarezlo) November 14, 2018Maradona somehow believes that making these statements will make Lionel Messi forget everything he has already said, but the reality is that Diego has already lost all his credibility with contradictory statements like this.Since the first statements that Maradona made about Lionel Messi a few weeks back, there still hasn’t been any response from the player’s camp and it’s very likely that they will remain quiet about the whole ordeal.This latest Maradona attempt to extend an olive branch is just a feeble attempt to cover up a terrible mistake that may have messed with their friendship and there may not be a way back anymore.🗣 Maradona: “There are players that go to the bathroom 20 times but I never referred to Messi. What I wanted from him at the 2010 World Cup was to change, go on the pitch, look for the ball. I want to say that what I have with Leo is unconditional.”— FC Barcelona Fl 🏆 (@FCBarcelonaFl) November 14, 2018What do you think about Diego Maradona’s contradictory statements about Lionel Messi? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.last_img read more


Differentlyabled children to walk ramp for Khadi show in Capital

first_imgThe Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) in association with Tamana, a non-profit organisation which works with the multiple challenged and autistic children, will host a Khadi fashion show titled- ‘Inclusion Beyond Boundaries’ in the Capital.The fashion extravaganza attempts to include the differently-abled into the world of fashion. The exhibition will be held on Saturday at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, read a statement. The show will bring forward creations of 10 FDCI designers including Abraham & Thakore, Anju Modi, Gaurav Jai Gupta, JJ Valaya, Payal Jain, Rahul Mishra, Rajesh Pratap Singh, Rina Dhaka, Rohit Bal and Samant Chauhan.  Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The style gurus will create ensembles in Khadi and present them in pure, simple and versatile forms for the differently abled and fulfil their dreams of walking the ramp with professional models. For the last 10 years, Tamana has been organising the show with the support of the fashion fraternity. This year, the event is being executed under the umbrella of the FDCI. Tamana founder and president Shyama Chona said: “Tamana’s annual fashion show has over the years depicted that fashion is inclusive; it does not discriminate, even the disadvantaged can imbibe the latest fashion and fulfil their desires and aspirations of looking good and fashionable.” FDCI president Sunil Sethi shared: “We respect diversity and inclusion and it is an honour to partner with Tamana for a landmark event like this.” Australian High Commissioner to India Harinder Sindhu will be the guest of honour at the event.last_img read more