Square Enix creates its very own profitkilling Summer 2016 JRPG battle

first_imgUpdate: Post updated to reflect fact Atlus is both developing and publishing Persona 5.Square Enix seems to have got itself into a bit of a fix. The Japanese publisher/developer is well known for releasing massing RPGs, which you can easily lose over a hundred hours playing. What you really don’t want to happen when releasing such a game is for another massive RPG to also release at the same time. Ultimately, gamers end up having to choose one or the other, and that hurts profits.So what has Square Enix done? Scheduled one of its most popular JRPG franchises to release a new game at roughly the same time as another popular JRPG franchise. Those games are Persona 5 and Final Fantasy XV. Right now, Persona 5 is listed by publisher/developer Atlus as releasing in ‘Summer 2016’ where as Final Fantasy XV is just ‘2016.’ But I’m pretty sure FFXV is also not going to be ready until the summer months because Square Enix has posted a 50 question survey for Japanese gamers. Question 47 asks the following:Here’s a question for those considering to purchase both Persona 5 and Final Fantasy XV: If both titles were released at roughly the same time, which one would you prioritize (buying)?Persona 5Final Fantasy XVI’ll buy bothSquare Enix wouldn’t be asking that question unless they have realized there’s going to be a launch clash, or at the very least both games launching within a few weeks of each other. How they react to this will come down to the responses to this question. I’d imagine if the majority of people respond with “I’ll buy both” then no date changes will be made, but it’s going to have to be high (70% or more I’d say).If answer 3 is not the majority of responses, then one of those games is going to have to suffer a launch delay. As Atlus publishes Persona 5 and already has a summer date planned, it’s going to have to be Final Fantasy XV that moves, unless of course Square has a chat with Atlus and they come to some arrangement. After all, neither company benefits from launching so close to the their rival’s game. So the most likely outcome is FFXV will get pushed back to September-October time.H/T to Reddit for Persona 5 image.last_img read more