‘I hate March Madness’ Bracket: Vote on what annoys you most at tourney time

first_imgDo you hate March Madness?It might seem like a ridiculous question for college basketball fans. After all, the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament is a tradition rich with upsets, brackets and the occasional unforgettable buzzer-beater. How could anybody hate that? We don’t, but there are some things about March Madness that have run their course. It annoys us just enough that, the more we see it, the more we. …MORE: Sporting News’ March Madness CenterThat’s why Sporting News had to create a bracket about the 32 things we hate most about March Madness. We’ll vote all this week to determine what the one thing we hate most about the NCAA Tournament is.Sporting News will run a Twitter poll of each day this week (Monday, March 18, through Monday, March 25) until we find the “champion” among the 32 things we love to hate about the NCAA Tournament. That’s what March Madness is all about, right? How could anyone hate March Madness?We don’t — but we know some do.That’s why SN made an #IHateMarchMadness bracket: https://t.co/VX6nuY4mLP pic.twitter.com/9y4ULWk1oa— Sporting News (@sportingnews) March 21, 2019Here’s a region-by-region guide of our selections:I Hate March Madness BracketSocial Media Region Crying fan shots Northwestern kid. Piccolo girl. Who’s next?Crying Jordan memesMade by millennials who think LeBron had a better college basketball career.Drink cup complaint tweetsWe no longer care that you have to drink water out of a cup that says “NCAA” on it. Novelty brackets They have a bracket for everything but the bracket — including this bracket. How meta of us. Is that what meta means?Repeat commercialsWe know Enterprise will pick us up. We also have “That’s Spandau Ballet, man” is still stuck in our head from 2012. TruTV jokesChannel 148 on Dish. Channel 246 on DirecTV. We’re done. #CharbageWelcome to college basketball’s version of, “Is it a catch?”NBA trollsThe quality of play in the NBA is soooooo much better. Hey, did Anthony Davis get traded to Golden State yet?SN REMEMBERS:March Madness heartbreakers | Best March Madness memories”Trash” Talk Region’I called that 2-15 upset’We had the No. 2 seed in the Final Four and don’t want to hear it. ‘I don’t do brackets’OK, but you’re not some moral crusader. We like to waste our money, thank you very much.’My bracket is busted’How is it busted when the first set of games isn’t over yet?’I haven’t lost in any of my brackets’You’re already lying midway through Day 2.’A 5-12 upset happens every year'(All the No. 5 seeds won in 2018, by the way).Sudden basketball expertThey saw Markus Howard in eighth grade because he played for their brother’s friend’s cousin’s niece’s uncle. ‘One Shining Moment’ hot takesLuther sings. Highlights roll. Watch. Don’t watch. Move on. Please move on. One-and-done talkIn a million variations: “Imagine if Duke’s freshmen came back for their sophomore year.” Just leave Zion Williamson out of it, please. MORE: Best bracket names for 2019 tournament”Fix the Format” Region Expanded Selection ShowJust give us the picks! Now! Now! How about now? Dome game shootingU.S. Bank Stadium isn’t really a dome, so. … Play-in gamesWhy can’t be it be 64? Because you have to wait until Thursday morning to finish your bracket, that’s why. Sweet 16 games with double-digit seedsThey’re great to root for in the first weekend. Then you see the ratings on No. 12 vs. No. 13, which gets buried in the late slot on Sweet 16 weekend.Monday night title gameImagine if they did the Final Four on Thursday and Saturday. Now go do it. Bubble team talk/watch partiesThis is why the NIT was created.Weird tip-off timesDon’t worry, that 11:34 p.m. ET tip-off in San Jose will get over before the second round starts. We think. Weird courtsWhy do they have the NCAA logo on it? It’s the NCAA Tournament.MORE: Printable bracket for 2019 tournamentOverkill Region NBA guys in studioYou will tweet the second you see Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith talking about Purdue. Random in-game analystsWhy is that guy calling that game? You’ll have to Google to read more on Jim Spanarkel, too. Celebrity super-fansWe love Sister Jean, Bill Murray and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. We just don’t need to see them on camera every five seconds.Gonzaga’s seedingThis could be the third time they’ve been a No. 1 this decade. It’s old news now.UK’s seed/locationWithin 15 minutes of the Selection Show, John Calipari will let you know how you should think about it. Jim Nantz’s championship one-linerWhat pun works best with Zion?  “And the shoe still fits”Cinderella, now happily married in the castle, will not be watching another tournament game until she gets her royalty check. Christian Laettner highlight What does Verne Lundquist say when the shot goes in?last_img read more