Microsoft Chief of Research Doubts Tablet Popularity

first_imgMicrosoft thinks tablets are just a phase, or at least the head of research for Microsoft thinks so. Craig Mundie told the Sydney Morning Herald,I think there’s an important distinction – and frankly one we did not jump on at Microsoft fast enough – between mobile and portable. Mobile is something that you want to use while you are moving, and portable is something that you move and then use. These are going to bump into one another a little bit and so today you can see tablets and pads and other things that are starting to live in the space in between. Personally I don’t know whether that space will be a persistent one or not. […] I don’t know whether the big screen tablet pad category is going to remain with us or not This is a huge change from Microsoft, the company was behind a prior attempt to push tablets to consumers. Micosoft slowed down that push the mid 2000s. AdChoices广告Via Xbit Labslast_img read more