Terawan must go, civil groups say, demanding crisis-sensitive health minister

first_imgA coalition of civil society organizations has urged President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo to dismiss Health Minister Terawan Agus Putranto from his position due to an “absence of sensitive, responsive and effective leadership” in handing the COVID-19 outbreak in the country.Among the coalition’s members are human rights watchdogs KontraS, the Lokataru Foundation, the Indonesian Legal Aid Institute (YLBHI), Amnesty International Indonesia, the Indonesian Consumers Foundation (YLKI), labor rights advocacy group Migrant Care and the Indonesian Planned Parenthood Association (PKBI).“Terawan has been showing an arrogant and anti-science attitude by playing down the issue since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak. This has resulted in the loss of vigilance among people,” the coalition wrote in a statement released on Tuesday. “We urge President Jokowi to replace the Health Minister with a figure who understands public health, has sensitivity to crises and will guide us through the worst health crisis,” the coalition said.Although Terawan’s statements might aim to allay public fears, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) microbiology researcher Sugiyono Saputra said separately that people had the right to obtain science-based information rather than hasty statements, so they could exercise the proper caution.Read also: ‘It’s our nation’s right to rely on the Almighty’: Minister justifies calling for prayers in coronavirus battleThe coalition highlighted several concerns regarding the health minister’s management of the outbreak, including his decision to prioritize budget efficiency in obtaining lab tests to detect COVID-19. “Terawan said that a recovered COVID-19 patient would be immune to the virus, while other countries’ experiences show otherwise,” the statement added.Terawan was criticized for his coordination of hospitals to address the outbreak as he had failed to ensure the availability of finances and equipment for them. He was also criticized for failing to maintain the quality of health workers, administrative staff and data centers in hospitals.The coalition accused Terawan of monopolizing coronavirus swab tests in the ministry’s Health Research and Development Agency (Balitbangkes) in Jakarta. The policy, they said, had slowed down health authorities’ response to the COVID-19 emergency.Read also: Indonesia pressured to do more to detect coronavirus amid zero reported casesThe coalition pointed out that Terawan had held a public event on Monday showcasing the recovered patients, which was contrary with the government’s social distancing measures.“The risks faced by Indonesia at the moment cannot be handled without a health minister who understands public health policies,” the coalition wrote. “How will the hospital work seriously if the minister himself thinks that COVID-19 is the same as the common cold?” (aly)Topics :last_img read more


UW hoping to be more aggressive on road trip

first_imgBEN CLASSON/Herald photoAfter only two days of practice this week, the Wisconsin softball team hits the road again Friday, traveling to Austin, Texas for the Texas Classic.The four-team tournament, hosted by the No. 22 Longhorns (8-4-1), also features Wichita State (8-5) and Utah (7-3), a team which beat Wisconsin 3-1 on Feb. 8 as a part of the Red Desert Classic.The Badgers (6-8), who have outscored opponents 45-44 through 14 games, are confident going into this weekend that they have what it takes to come away with wins in close games.?We?re only losing by one run or two runs,? freshman pitcher Kristyn Hansen said. ?Just one more hit or one more out in the inning, and we could?ve won some more games.?Last weekend, Wisconsin competed in the USF-Louisville Slugger Tournament hosted by South Florida in Tampa. The weekend started with a pair of losses Friday to South Carolina and Wright State and a rainout of the Badgers? first game Saturday.After the weather cleared up, the Badgers defeated the tournament-hosting Bulls 2-1.Hansen earned her second victory of the season, allowing only one hit in two innings of work.Teammates and coaches alike have praised Hansen?s performance so far, going 2-0 in her first four collegiate appearances. Hansen currently leads the team with a 1.12 ERA, allowing only six hits and one earned run in eight innings.?[Kristyn?s] doing awesome,? head coach Chandelle Schulte said. ?She?s coming into tough situations, and she?s a dropball pitcher, so she?s getting us ground balls and outs.?The Badgers, after scoring at least one run in the first 10 games of the season, were shut out three times last weekend and only scored two runs all weekend.After managing only two runs in four games last weekend, Wisconsin is very focused on improving its hitting in the upcoming weeks.?As a team, we?re just trying to be more aggressive at the plate,? senior infielder Lynn Anderson said.?We?ve been hesitant up there, watching a lot of strikes, so we want to be more aggressive swinging the bat.?Schulte added that the team needs to focus on putting the ball in play more, noting the team?s high numbers of both home runs and strikeouts.However, despite the team?s offensive woes, the Badgers? defense led by the pitching staff has consistently played well this season. Last weekend, Wisconsin opponents ? minus a 5-0 loss to Wright State ? never scored more than two runs per game.?Our pitchers did very well minus one game,? Schulte said. ?I?ve always thought they had it in them. What impresses me the most is that each and every time they get out there, they get better.?Schulte also noted a small sense of urgency among the players in practice this week with 20 percent of the season already complete.?We?ve had a lot of moral victories in the last three weeks,? Schulte said. ?But it?s not good enough to come close. We?re very focused on getting ready for the Big Ten season.?Over the weekend, the Badgers remained undefeated in their new all-red uniforms with a win over South Florida. Their performance in these uniforms ? wins of 4-3, 8-4, 5-2 and 2-1 ? has led some to speculate about their significance.?We?re starting to think there may be something about the red uniforms,? Hansen said. ?We were starting off the weekends with different uniforms, so we?ll see what we can do with that.?Schulte added that if there truly is something special about the new uniforms, she may have to ?petition the Big Ten so we can wear only red instead of switching for home and away.?Lucky uniforms aside, the Badgers? goal as they travel for the fourth consecutive weekend is simple ? as Anderson put it: ?win and have fun.??We want to come out with some victories,? Schulte added. ?More importantly, we just want to feel like we?re playing good three-way ball with pitching, hitting and defense ? something we haven?t yet.?last_img read more


Christian Sørensen – North – On the rise

first_imgChristian Sørensen, NorthThe esports organisation North was formed little over one year ago. A joint creation from one of Denmark’s most successful football teams, FC Copenhagen, and entertainment company Nordisk Films, it entered esports in late January 2017. Going forward, the organisation has its sights set on a lot more than just CS:GO, the title in which it currently maintains a roster. We spoke to North CEO Christian Sørensen about his transition from the world of football, the plans for North, the GG.Bet sponsorship, and more. Sørensen is speaking at our own ESI Super Forum at Stamford Bridge in London on March 22nd. The one day conference will feature 30 speakers across six panels and one round table, as well as an exhibition area, a tournament, and an official after party. You can find out more about the event, focused on the crossover of traditional sports and esports, by clicking here. Esports Insider: How was your personal transition from FC Copenhagen, one of Denmark’s top football clubs, to leading the charge for newly created CS:GO team North?Christian Sørensen: To be quite honest, it has been something of an undertaking. I knew that esports was still a young industry, but I thought that it was more akin to football in its professionalism and structure. I do however feel that my background in football and business, has given me an outlook, which serves North, as an esports organisation, very well. I bring with me a core philosophy of putting professionalism first, every single day, and we have created a company culture where that is prevalent. The football business is more about highs and lows over the course of a year, whereas in esports, we can swing back and forth between success and fiasco, several times over a single month. So on a personal and emotional level I have had to get used to that. For example I cannot sit still when we play official games, I am simply too nervous.ESI: At launch, the release noted that the aim was for North to become a ‘leading multigaming organisation’. North is now around one year old. Are there plans for the org to enter other titles in the near future and how are these decisions made? Christian: Over the last year we have been in serious conversations with title winning lineups in other games, but due to various reasons it never worked out. We are constantly evaluating the esports market, but right now there is a huge gap between the cost of entry and the return on investment in most games. In addition to that, it is important for us to be able to contribute to games, communities and teams in a meaningful way.“When the time is right, I will not hesitate going multigame, but it has to be right, regarding both time and potential ROI”We believe that creating the best possible support-structure for our CS:GO teams, will help us do the same for teams from additional titles. When the time is right, I will not hesitate going multigame, but it has to be right, regarding both time and potential ROI.ESI: North recently unveiled a new major sponsorship deal with GG.Bet, which’ll see the team compete as North GG.Bet at ‘all applicable tournaments’. This re-naming is something that would never be accepted by most fans in the world of football for instance, were you concerned about its reception by your current fans and CS:GO fans more widely?Christian: I want to make one thing clear: We are not renaming the team.“As digital advertising space in game gets better for the teams, we will have better ways to display our sponsors, but as of right now I believe that our fans understand the move”The team’s name in game will reflect our main sponsorship, and in my eyes that does not differ, much from teams playing football at Emirates or Allianz Arena. In addition to that, this form of sponsorship is as old as Counter-Strike itself. Currently we have Virtus.Pro and Natus Vincere using a title sponsorship, and Ninjas in Pyjamas are utilising their player names for sponsors without anyone creating a fuss. As digital advertising space in game gets better for the teams, we will have better ways to display our sponsors, but as of right now I believe that our fans understand the move.ESI: How important is it for the growth of the ecosystem and for team funding in particular that regulated gambling operators become more accepted in esports at large? Moreover, how important are activations such as GG.Bet’s and the forthcoming docu-series following North, and Betway’s ongoing content creation with NiP? Christian: The activations that Betway, and especially GG.Bet commit to, is a core part of creating value in our community.The investment that GG.Bet is making in our team and organisation enable us to go all-in on following the team and creating a top tier product. One of the areas where esports continues to blow my mind is the content. It rivals the best that is made in the footballing world, even by the rights-holders, and all of it is free. That is only possible due to sponsors that genuinely care about the community, because without their funding it would not make sense for teams to invest so heavily in it. With that in mind, we are more than open to take this content creation outside the esports community and non-endemic brands in making their way into esports. The possibilities are endless.“My primary goal is to give some context to how a football club can benefit from creating and running an esports team”ESI: Why did you decide to speak at our Esports Insider Super Forum at Stamford Bridge in March, and what can attendees expect to hear about?Christian: My primary goal is to give some context to how a football club can benefit from creating and running an esports team. I believe that there are many crossover effects, both amongst the audience and the business. The attendees should expect to hear about why the esports audience is so important, what the biggest pitfalls are when entering esports and how we created a top 10 team in the world within 1½ years.ESI: North recently signed a partnership with the talent agency Orlando John. What do they bring to the table for the org?Christian: Part of North’s approach to esports is that we run a very lean organisation.“We are currently looking for a fitness nutrition partner right now; because we believe that, the right food and nutrients are as important for an esports athlete as their in game practice”We hire as we go, both long and short term, to suit the needs of the business. The partnership with Orlando John helps us approach potential partners on a broader scale than we could on our own. We see them not so much as an agency, but as partners and consultants that we can use, when we want to approach brands. ESI: North now have three principle partners, in Twitch, SteelSeries and GG.Bet. What other type of partners are you on the lookout for, and what is the 2018 business roadmap looking like for the team?Christian: Our philosophy is that partnerships with North has to make sense for both parties. That means we want all of our partners to feel that they contribute to the success of North. For instance, we are currently looking for a fitness nutrition partner right now; because we believe that, the right food and nutrients are as important for an esports athlete as their in game practice. Our 2018 roadmap is about consolidating our presence and building on the platform that we established during our first year. We want to grow the organisation and the business in 2018 and we cannot wait to show you all the cool things we have in the pipeline. North is on the rise.last_img read more