Darwinism Seen in Action!

first_imgAn example of Darwinian evolution in action was reported by EurekAlert.  This dramatic announcement called it a “rare example” of a “controversial theory of genetic conflict” in the reproduction of certain fish:The conflict has been likened to a “battle of the sexes” or an “arms race” at the molecular level between mothers and fathers.  At stake: the fetus’s growth rate and how much that costs the nutrient-supplying mother.    The new research supports the idea of a genetic “arms race” going on between a live-bearing mother and her offspring, assisted by the growth-promoting genes of the father.The gist of the story is that some placental minnows had higher levels of a gene called insulin-like growth factor two (IGF2).  “The researchers found that the biggest genetic changes were in those species of the minnows that had developed placentas, supporting the Darwinian theory of natural selection,” the article claimed.    The researchers from UC Riverside believe that the male and female compete for control of the offspring.  The male wants “fast fetal growth, so that his offspring will be the hardiest, best survivors and the ones who demand the most of the mother’s placental nutrients,” while the female gives all her offspring equal maternal care (i.e., equal levels of the growth hormone), “so that her nutrients will be available to support her and the offspring from all her matings.”You have to laugh at the lengths the Darwinists will go to in trying to prop up Charlie’s idol.  They did not see these fish evolve.  They admitted that “The placenta is a complex organ of maternal and fetal tissues that nourishes the developing fetus in the uterus,” but did not explain how this complexity arose; they only found differing levels of one growth hormone.  They admitted that their theory of genetic conflict is controversial.  And they committed the usual grievous sin of the Darwinists, personifying poor little fish that don’t know their right fin from their left with goal-oriented actions and human patterns of conflict.  This was not evolution in action.  The only thing in action was the Darwin fogma machine (05/14/2007).(Visited 7 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more