Soon-to-be illegal Govt clearly directing GECOM

first_imgDear Editor,The popular consensus right now is that the Government will become illegal after March 21, 2019. To fully make this proclamation, we need to understand how the “Government” derives legitimacy. The legitimacy of the Government is derived from us the people accepting their authority. The acceptance of this authority is based on being governed by the Constitution.The three arms of Government remain separate so as to keep the authority of the Constitution in check. The National Assembly (Legislative) is designed to make the laws, whereas the Courts (Judicial) is there to interpret the laws, and the “Government” (Executive) is there to enforce the laws.The People of Guyana voted for a legal and legitimate APNU/AFC Government. They expected the APNU/AFC to follow the Constitution, like they swore to do.If the Government doesn’t enforce Article 106 of the Constitution, they will be violating their very mandate and they will be in breach of the Constitution, which mandates General and Regional Elections in three months after the No-Confidence Motion was passed.President Granger should have announced a date for elections since the passing of the No-Confidence Motion, or, as he is only now saying, he should have asked GECOM for a work plan since December 22, 2018.GECOM is a creature of the Constitution and with this in mind, everyone expected that GECOM would have started preparing for elections after the No-Confidence Motion was carried. On December 27, 2018, the Guyana Chronicle quoted GECOM’s Public Relations Officer as saying that GECOM would be ready to deliver elections. Now that story has changed. The soon to be illegal Government is clearly directing GECOM to any which way they want.This soon to be illegal Government needs to accept that the Legislature has ruled, the High Court has ruled and the clock continues to tick.Guyanese will not accept an illegal Government.Sincerely,Baldeo Mathuralast_img read more