New Robotic-Assisted Hip And Knee Surgery Now Offered At Ascension St. Vincent Orthopedic Hospital

first_img Ascension St. Vincent Orthopedic Hospital is the first hospital in Southern Indiana to offer patients an innovative approach to hip and knee replacements with potential for less pain and faster recovery timesWith the goal of helping patients achieve improved mobility and decreased pain during the activities they most enjoy, Ascension St. Vincent Orthopedic Hospital recently became the first hospital in Southern Indiana to offer robotic-arm assisted technology for hip and knee replacements – an innovative new approach for the way joint replacements are performed.While robotic-assisted approaches have been used for quite some time to address hernia repairs and the removal of gall bladders and cancerous tumors, this recent development marks a new application where robotic-arm assisted technology is now being used to help bring relief for patients experiencing hip and knee pain.Ascension St. Vincent Orthopedic Hospital is now proud to offer the robotic-arm assisted technology as an option to individuals seeking a total hip replacement, total knee replacement, and partial knee replacement.How does this robotic-arm assisted technology work for hip and knee replacements?Surgeon-controlled system. With this system, the orthopedic surgeon remains in control of the robotic-arm during the entire procedure. A virtual boundary provides tactile resistance to help the surgeon stay within the boundaries defined in the patient’s surgical plan.Tailormade approach for each patient. This robotic-arm assisted system uses patient-specific data from CT scans in advance of an operation to develop a three-dimensional pre-operative plan and tailormade implant alignment and positioning unique to each patient’s anatomy.Detailed feedback for precise results. The system provides detailed, real-time feedback to the surgeon during the operation, which helps to enhance surgical precision.What are the potential patient benefits of this new robot-assisted approach? Patients may experience the benefits of:Improved surgical outcomesLess post-operative painFaster recoveryGreater precision in alignment and placement of joint implantMore “natural” joint movementImproved joint flexibility and implant durabilityLower incidence of follow-up surgeries FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more