The current table will be worth going to Europe if it is not played again

first_imgSo, to the UEFA Champions League would be the top four finishers in the First Division at that time (now they are Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Sevlla and Real Sociedad) and to the UEFA Europa League fifth and sixth classified (Getafe and Atlético) plus one of the two finalists of the Copa del Rey, according to different circumstances that may occur.If the final of the Copa del Rey has been played, the champion, unless he is in the top six. If the Cup champion were in the top six and therefore already classified, the team that would occupy the seventh place in the First Division would go.The assumption that the Cup final is not played is also contemplated. If the two clubs are in the first six positions and therefore classified, they would go seventh.; if one of the two were ranked in the top six, the other finalist would go; And if neither of the two finalists were in the top six, it would be the one with the best position in the league competition.Real Sociedad, currently in fourth position, would enter the Champions League, while Athletic, in its capacity as a Cup finalist, He would win a place in the Europa League along with the other two teams that would now hold that right, Getafe and Atlético de Madrid. But in any case, the Federation insists that “that would only be in the undesired case that the Championship could not be restarted, because with one or two days being played the classification could change.” The delegated commission of the Federation approved this Thursday the exceptional extension of the end dates of the current season and the start of the next one beyond June 30. The RFEF will is to “conclude the Championship” even occupying dates in September, if necessary. But at UEFA’s request, a qualifying criterion for Europe must be prepared, which currently corresponds to the current LaLiga classification, except as regards the Cup finalists who, according to what assumptions, would have priority over the seventh-ranked team, which is currently Valencia, to occupy a place in the Europa League.LaLiga, which will meet this afternoon, has already advanced that it disagrees with the decisions adopted by the Delegated Commission of the RFEF whenever it considers that to do so, first, the season must be considered closed. In addition, LaLiga sources confirmed to this newspaper that the powers on the First and Second correspond to them and not to the Federation. On the other hand, UEFA uses the RFEF and not LaLiga as a bridge for the list of those classified for Europe.Regarding the European places, it will make the decision about its award at the time that UEFA requests it according to the classification of the last day of the First Division in equal number of games played by the 20 teams.last_img

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