Stargazer UV Neon Hair Gel : ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

first_imgI used this on my dark haired daughter when she dressed up for school as an oompa loompa and even on her dark hair this was very bright green. I probably wouldn’t recommend this if you have longer hair, it worked in that it turned my hair green but it didn’t look great. Having said that if you have shorter hair i think it would do the trick perfectly. Great for joker costume, washed out easily, it did get into my shirt collar quite a bit, but washed out fine. Brilliant for my sons oompa loompa costume.So much better than sprayAmazing colour. Great if you want to change your hair colour.ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!Stargazer UV Neon Hair Gel, RedStargazer Neon Hair GelUV ReactiveEasy to Apply ApplicatorEasily Removed with ShampooPerfect for Clubs, Parties and Festivals Does the job very well, vibrant colour and washes out easily. (but don’t get caught out in the rain). I find this is very sticky, does not brush out well, i know it’s a gel colour but i have used gels before to keep my hair in place, brushes out easy. It’s very easy to apply and remove. Highly recommendedplease be aware that after a while of continuous usage, it will make your hair go stiff. If you found this review helpful, please tick the helpful box below. I used this on my beard along with baubles for an xmas party. I was looking for something that could be washed quickly and this ticked the box and performed perfectly. I managed to apply without issue and it lasted well. 5 stars for the fact that one tube managed to actually cover my dark, past-shoulder length hair. I only did the top layer, so not all my hair was pink, but it was enough. Be aware that a) the pink will transfer easily from your hair to anything else, and b) the gel dries slightly hard. A fair trade off for the colour you get though, at least for me. It colours the hair so well. It’s so bright and easy to use. The delivery was extremely fast as well. I had serious doubts as i have very long and thick hair but this gel thing was insanely easy to apply, i could even style my hair with it. It dried in no time and it looked so so good. Does exactly what it says on the tin. It doesn’t go very far if you are applying it relatively liberally, but seems to be very reactive to uv. I was using the product in a recent production with uv lighting and the result was fantastic. My daughter got this for her hair. It lasts a surprisingly long time and gives a good neon effect. It washes out easily afterwards. Used this for my joker costume. I could not believe the results. I’m no make up artist and never coloured hair, yet everyone thought ingot it done by someone who knows what theybare doing. Got loads of compliments through out the night on the hair. People could not believe it was only coloured gel. Was slightly concerned about it coming out, but was pleasantly surprise, that it came out easily with just normal shampoo after 2 washes. Would highly recommend and will definitely use it again. Never found anything this good. Usually neon temporary hair products come out significantly better on blonde/light hair than on dark hair. But this product works so well on all hair colours. Easy to apply, however we found applying it using the brush nozzle straightened out the curls in our hair and made it set straight. And it is very chalky, so it would be difficult to style hair after applying this. Other than that, it’s amazing. Easy to apply, stayed on all night. Hair goes a bit stiff, but that’s to be expected. I have blonde, thin hair, but it washed out easily with no color left. Kids love these, nice and bright and wash out easily. Only downside is they dry stiff and flake everywhere if you brush your hair. Well this stuff is amazinga few tips – use gloves to apply. It’s does wash off but it’s easier with gloves. Once you’ve put it on, brush through, style and try not to touch your hair lots. It will come off on your hand. After you’ve applied, use a little hair serum to smooth it as it looks a but frizzy – or maybe that’s just my hair:). I got loads of compliments just wearing a little in strands through my hair. I’m off to buy more colours?. Bright and colourful on my pony’s mane for a festive competition. Omg this stuff is sooooo green. Bought for my son to be the hulk, it was perfect. Easy to apply, didnt come off, rub off on anything. It is the brightest green you can imagine.Washed out easily with shampoo and no risidual colouration. Worked really well in dark hair, great stuff for fancy dress. SummaryReviewer Nathalie DuboisReview Date2018-05-05 18:30:56Reviewed Item Stargazer UV Neon Hair Gel, RedRating 5.0 / 5  stars, based on  104  reviewsPrice£3.29last_img

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