Italy Moroccan Man Finds €20000 Returns Them to Owner

Fez – A young Moroccan construction worker living in Parma, Italy recently found 20,000 euros in a wall during his work restoring a house, according to the Italian news website Gazzetta di Parma.Mohamed Abderahim, 32, was working in a house restoration in Italy. Abderahim and another Moroccan started their jobs as usual, creating a significant amount of dust, which made the Italian owner uncomfortable, causing him to leave.After a few moments, the homeowner received a call from the Abderahim urging him to come back for good news. When the homeowner arrived, Abderahim handed him a suitcase containing 20,000 euros and explained to him that he found it while demolishing a wall.The homeowner was overjoyed to receive such a large amount of money and was very surprised that the Moroccan worker was honest enough to give it back to him.The homeowner decided to share the story with Italian newspapers in order to show the decency and nobility of some immigrantsThe owner’s father likely hid that amount of money in the wall, saving it for an emergency.

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