Nuwan sent on compulsory leave following ICC allegations

Article 2.1.1 – being party to an effort to fix or contrive or to otherwise influence improperly the result, progress, conduct or other aspect of an International match.Article 2.1.4 – directly soliciting, inducing, enticing or encouraging a player to breach Code Article 2.1.1.Article 2.4.4 – failing to disclose to the ICC’s Anti-Corruption Unit full details of any approaches or invitations he received to engage in corrupt conduct under the Code.Zoysa has 14 days from 1 November 2018 to respond to the charges. (Colombo Gazette) The Sri Lanka Cricket board has sent Sri Lanka’s fast bowling coach Nuwan Soyza on compulsory leave after he was charged by the International Cricket Council (ICC) with three counts of breaching the ICC Anti-Corruption Code.The charges are as follows:

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