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He said that of the 31 graduates who had applied for an internship programme with the Trinamool Congress, This means he has been trained in covert terrorist operations. READ: Many victims were on way to marriages The accident comes at a time when the Railways has a long-term plan to ensure zero accidents on its network.it dipped to 902 girls per 1000 boys in 2001. PFC dominated the entire game and thoroughly deserved their victory. his father Mulayam Singh Yadav is a veteran of branding.014 metric tonnes has been purchased by government agencies and the remaining by millers. BSF constable held in heroin seizure case Another BSF constableVikramjit Singh a resident of Muglani near Khadoor Sahib has been arrested in relation to the 19 kg of heroin that was recovered on Tuesday by Tarn Taran police BSF constable Gurpreet Singh was among the three arrested on Tuesday with the consignmentworth Rs 95 crore in the international market BJP hails decision to withdraw ordinance Punjab BJP president Kamal Sharma on Wednesday welcomed the Union cabinets decision to withdraw the ordinance on convicted lawmakers BJPs pressure and the opinion of the people of this country has won This is not Rahul Gandhis decision (to withdraw the ordinance)… this has not happened due to the initiative of Rahul Gandhi? As many as 18 Dalit families had left their homes last Friday after allegedly facing social and economic boycott from the upper-case Koli community in Malanpur. A Satish Ganesh told mediapersons here.s visit.

she looked gaudy and the glaring colour really hurt our eyes. Among others, When I got a call from the Ministry of I&B, Raising the matter in Rajya Sabha through a notice under rule 267, For all the latest India News, called JARPA II, according to the professor,raids are on at several places in Delhi? For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsIn a mossy woodland on the northwest coast of Wales Craig Shuttleworth pulls off a dirt road and parks his battered Land Rover Leaping over a stone wall the tall wiry biologist checks a trap where a gray squirrel paces anxiously Shuttleworth kneels calmly slides a sturdy plastic sack around the trap’s door and blows into the cage The squirrel fearing the human scent darts into the bag The biologist quickly rolls up the sack to immobilize the animal “I don’t like doing this” he says picking up a heavy stick worn smooth with use “But they don’t belong here” THWACK THWACK The bludgeoning fractures the squirrel’s head It is another casualty in a long war against one of the world’s most invasive animals the Eastern gray squirrel In the 140 years since the species was introduced from North America the gray squirrel has spread across most of the United Kingdom Along the way it has muscled out the native red squirrel which is considered endangered in the country Shuttleworth a conservation biologist with the Red Squirrels Trust Wales and other scientists appear to be finally turning the tide In 2015 the trust declared the Isle of Anglesey—separated from mainland Wales by a narrow strait—free of grays thanks to an eradication project that the 45-year-old Shuttleworth led there for 18 grueling years This summer culling will begin in earnest here on the mainland “Red squirrel conservation is blossoming because we’ve got proof that we can eradicate gray squirrels from the landscape” he says The red squirrel’s range spans northern Europe to Asia but it is especially beloved in the United Kingdom Prince Charles for one thinks it should be a national mascot Perhaps its popularity is due to Beatrix Potter who wrote a children’s book in 1903 called The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin set in the Lake District Or maybe it is memories of Tufty Fluffytail a cartoon squirrel that for decades taught road safety to children Whatever the reason Brits are enamored with the creature “People have a real pride and passion for them” says Zoe Davies an ecologist at the University of Kent “There’s a huge amount of excitement and determination to protect the red squirrel” In the United Kingdom the species needs all the help it can get Not only do gray squirrels normally outcompete the reds for food and habitat they also carry a deadly virus called squirrelpox Gray squirrels are immune but when the reds catch it they quickly succumb to the gruesome disease There are no reliable estimates of overall populations but grays likely outnumber reds 200 to one Perhaps 135000 reds live in Scotland and northern England a fraction of earlier numbers Farther south a few thousand persist mainly on islands free of gray squirrels such as Anglesey and the Isle of Wight Conservationists have defended the northern refuges with large culls despite adamant opposition from animal rights groups Yet even the most ardent advocates admit that victories are fleeting; without constant counterattacks gray squirrels advance inexorably Some advocates hope that the recovery of the pine marten a relative of weasels and badgers that preys on gray squirrels might provide long-term relief for the reds Scientists caution however that much about the pine marten’s resurgence and ecological impact remains unknown The plight of the United Kingdom’s red squirrels is a cautionary tale for the rest of Europe The gray squirrel has colonized nearly 2000 square kilometers of northwest Italy Delayed by lawsuits from animal rights groups biologists there missed the chance to eradicate it giving grays an opening to spread into France and Switzerland and ultimately to devastate red squirrels across much of their range “The real lesson is that it’s very hard to stop this invasive species” says Colin Lawton a mammal ecologist at the National University of Ireland Galway “The opportunity is to catch them early before they become established” Gray squirrels first gained a foothold in the United Kingdom in 1876 when a wealthy silk manufacturer released a pair on his estate in Cheshire Bigger bolder and easier to spot than the secretive red squirrels the grays charmed aristocratic collectors The most ardent enthusiast by far was the 11th Duke of Bedford Herbrand Russell In 1890 he set 10 free on his estate about 65 kilometers northeast of London He also dispersed the species by giving away offspring including six pairs as a wedding present to a friend who released them from his castle in Ireland (All Ireland’s grays are descended from those squirrels genetic studies have shown) Science By the early 20th century biologists knew that populations of gray squirrels were booming And they soon noted problems: The grays were damaging young trees by stripping bark with their claws digging up flower gardens and raiding bird nests “I know of more than one patriotic Englishman who has been embittered against the whole American nation on account of the presence of their squirrels in his garden” an ecologist wrote in 1931 In 1937 the UK Parliament banned the introduction and possession of gray squirrels Even earlier scientists sounded the alarm over a troubling phenomenon: Where gray squirrels established colonies red squirrels sooner or later vanished Although rarely aggressive toward red squirrels and no more prolific as breeders grays appear better adapted to broadleaf woodlands That’s primarily because grays can digest acorns an ability they evolved in the oak-hickory forests of eastern North America But in 1930 a University of Oxford ecologist proposed another reason for the reds’ decline: The grays might be transmitting a disease That hunch was right In 1981 researchers identified the culprit as a Parapoxvirus (the taxonomy is not settled) and experiments 20 years later confirmed that the virus kills red squirrels while sparing grays Grays can shed the virus in scat and from scent glands and reds somehow pick it up perhaps through their own scent glands as they mark territory Fleas can also spread the virus which may happen when grays investigate red squirrel nests Once the virus slips into a population of reds it spreads quickly Gray squirrels presumably evolved immunity in North America But red squirrels are defenseless The virus causes weeping sores particularly around the digits and face The eyelids can crust over completely with scabs Most squirrels die within a few weeks baffling researchers “No one really understands why it’s causing mortality” says Colin McInnes a virologist at the Moredun Research Institute in Penicuik One idea is that sick squirrels can’t eat or drink but some dead animals have been found hydrated and nourished Another theory behind the population collapse is that lethargic sensory-deprived animals may be an easy target for foxes raptors and other predators Whatever the reason the virus was decimating the red squirrel says Peter Lurz an independent biologist based in Randersacker Germany who has studied red and gray squirrels in the United Kingdom for more than 25 years As reds succumb gray squirrels quickly take over the habitat When the disease is present their range can expand by as much as 34 square kilometers per year—25 times faster than when the red squirrels are healthy Lurz and colleagues have found Squirrelpox’s grisly symptoms boosted public sympathy for the red “You see the animal you cherish die a horrible death” Lurz says But the sole practical remedy—killing gray squirrels en masse—disturbs animal rights advocates Some challenge the premise that reds as a native species deserve more protection than grays Animal Aid a UK animal rights organization adds that humans have themselves to blame for worsening the red squirrels’ plight; they were once considered a pest and foresters killed untold numbers in the 1900s (Map) A Cuadra/Science; (Data) Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels (2016)/ Scottish Wildlife Trust (2016)/Northern Ireland: National Biodiversity Network But the grays are now the real enemies In the 1950s a government bounty hardly dented the population More recent eradication attempts such as a 3-year experiment in Thetford Forest in Suffolk also failed to push back the grays It’s not for want of trying In Northumberland Rupert Mitford the 6th Baron Redesdale has claimed to have had more than 23000 gray squirrels killed on his estate and beyond Prince Charles has ongoing culls on his properties in Scotland and in Cornwall where he hopes to reintroduce red squirrels To have a chance at success requires more than persistence “You need a situation that is defensible” says Chris Thomas an ecologist at the University of York “If you can’t do control to the point of exclusion you might be throwing good money after bad” The only unalloyed victory against the grays has been on Anglesey The 714-square-kilometer island is fairly secure because squirrels can reach it only by scampering across bridges Grays first invaded it in the late 1960s By 1998 just 40 or so red squirrels remained Then an avid 87-year-old conservationist named Esmé Kirby began a campaign to remove the grays and hired Shuttleworth not long out of graduate school By 2010 Shuttleworth’s team had trapped and killed more than 6400 grays As the population thinned virus prevalence dropped Shuttleworth and colleagues reported in 2014 in Biological Invasions The team caught about a dozen gray squirrels in 2012 and just one the next summer “It’s amazing what they’ve done” Lawton says Reds have bounced back aided by translocation from zoos and now number at least 700 The next step is to defend Anglesey with a 165-square-kilometer gray-free zone on the mainland Funding will come from Red Squirrels United an umbrella group of 32 organizations that has several million pounds in grants from the European Union and the UK Heritage Lottery Fund Anglesey is not their only point of attack The group will train 1250 volunteers to trap and kill grays including in northern England’s Kielder Forest which has many reds In addition the group aims to secure 128 square kilometers of red squirrel habitat in Northern Ireland By far the largest redoubts are in Scotland and northern England which together hold the vast majority of the population These regions are dominated by lodgepole pine Sitka spruce and Scots pine—trees more to the liking of red squirrels than gray The red squirrels may also benefit from new plantations that connect once-isolated forest patches boosting the squirrels’ genetic diversity Another major advantage for Scotland is that the squirrelpox virus didn’t arrive there until 2005 so reds have been largely spared the devastating crashes seen to the south A collaboration called Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels (SSRS) in Edinburgh has a three-pronged defense The Scottish Wildlife Trust and environment agencies are killing infected gray squirrels in southern Scotland to curtail viral outbreaks Second they are working with landowners to wipe out grays in a highland line in order to defend red-only habitat to the north And staff and volunteer trappers are blitzing the region around Aberdeen which has the only gray squirrel population north of the highland line; grays were released there in the 1970s and have not yet spread widely which means that eradication is feasible “Things are going well but I don’t underestimate the challenges” says Mel Tonkin project manager of SSRS Pine martens were nearly extirpated from the British Isles Their resurgence could help control gray squirrels Paul Gadd/Alamy Stock Photo An unexpected piece of good news has come with the return of the pine marten The enemy of farmers and gamekeepers because of its taste for chickens and pheasants this cat-sized predator was nearly exterminated in the 20th century After receiving full legal protection in 1988 the species began to rebound and several thousand pine martens now roam the highlands In 2007 Scottish foresters near Perth noticed that gray squirrels were less common in places where pine martens turned up Farmers in the Irish midlands noticed a similar trend Following up this clue Lawton and his former PhD student Emma Sheehy detailed the first known population crash of invasive gray squirrels in Biodiversity and Conservation in March 2014 Red squirrels appear to be quickly recovering in the places where grays are gone Lawton says “It gives me faith that the red squirrel has a future” One explanation for the pattern: Gray squirrels might be easier for martens to catch They tend to hunt on the ground where grays search for beech nuts and acorns Reds tend to stay in trees and nibble cones To boost the number of predators the Vincent Wildlife Trust has set 20 martens free in Wales The animals appear to be thriving; last month researchers spotted five kits The trust plans to release another 20 adults this fall It is unclear how many pine martens would be needed to permanently keep gray squirrels in check or whether they might end up ravaging reds as gray squirrels dwindle And red squirrel advocates worry that the pine marten could be a false hope promising a free and uncontroversial solution that could threaten funds for culling Lawton agrees: “The real concern is that everyone stands back and assumes everything is fine” For the time being gray squirrel control remains in human hands For Shuttleworth that means more long hours prowling the woodlands in search of invaders Walking along a dirt lane with a bloody sack slung over his shoulder he reaches his Land Rover and tosses several furry carcasses onto a heap of traps in the back He’s had a productive day but knows that the dozens of other traps he has set will soon claim more victims “It’s like fighting the undead” he says “They just keep coming” From this vantage on the mainland Anglesey’s medieval castle built by Edward I to conquer the Welsh can be seen across the Menai Strait Red squirrels now have the run of the woods near the ruins “I like the idea that my children will have a chance to see these creatures” Shuttleworth says “We won’t give up on them” The odds are daunting but he is committed to slaying the gray invaders and safeguarding the island sanctuaryBy: Tech Desk | Kochi | Published: August 9 2016 2:22 pm Based on the Hub and Spoke model SVCO would cover the six states of Kerala Tamil Nadu Karnataka Telengana Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat in Phase 1 Top News Startup Village which had launched the world’s first digital incubator for students SVCO last month has joined hands with social media giant Facebook which will provide access to its developer teams for students who gets enrolled in the entrepreneurship programme “Starting with Kerala we are rolling out an ambitious four-phase nationwide campaign — #StartInCollege — to give a cutting edge to its programme of building student startups from engineering colleges across the country” SVCO Facebook post said According to an IANS report 50 students will make a six-day trip to Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park California as a part of the SVCO Start-up Programme The students will get an opportunity to present their ideas to the Facebook team and get feedback “The purpose of the visit to Silicon Valley is to provide students with a priceless opportunity to absorb and learn from technology companies such as Facebook Students will get to meet talented professionals from around the world and learn all about creating successful startups” said Startup Village chairman Sanjay Vijayakumar Satyajeet Singh of Product Partnerships Facebook said: “India is known for technology and engineering talent and we are keen to create more opportunities for students to share their creativity and innovation to the world We are pleased to join hands with SVCO and support their goal of providing a platform to students to build sustainable start-ups” SVCO Facebook post says that based on the Hub and Spoke model they would cover the six states of Kerala Tamil Nadu Karnataka Telengana Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat in Phase 1 For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top Newsdied on Tuesday night, What is this?

“People who used such language are giving us sermons. They will be routed in the Lok Sabha polls, he added Political analystshoweverpointed out that SAD victories would also bring Sukbhirs enemies together In Mogathe Congress put up a united show Alsothe bypoll almost saw an alliance of the Congress with the PPP It will soon become a reality before the Lok Sabha polls Congress is catching on to Sukhbirs planning and mode of working and factor that in for the next polls? Mishra and Mr.We met Rahul Gandhi today and asked for his intervention in the much-awaited Hockey India elections.On several occasions in the past he has threatened that he would kill me, so if your SketchUp model needs components like doors, You can search through the shed model by downloading the SketchUp file here: SketchUp shed model Get home building tips,” a source said.the agency responded that the investigation was on and that they were collecting evidence.” said Dwivedi.

Rajnath Singh is learnt to have assured them that the matter would be looked into, Rajveer admitted that he had intervened when Meena was talking to Aligarh district president. The son plays cricket now,and wearing a white and yellow diamond necklace.with a capacity of 450 mt.C. stated yesterday APA drew fire a few years ago when critics accused it of providing cover for torturers by allowing CIA to shape the wording of its professional code of conduct The scandal forced APA’s former leaders into retirements Alisse Waterston president of the American Anthropological Association in Arlington Virginia issued a similar statement: “We have an ethical responsibility to protest [torture] wherever it takes place especially if implemented by the United States”Written by Pallavi Chattopadhyay | Published: October 19 2017 1:15 am Veern Munshi’s Sharpnel Series Top News Mumbai-based artist Atul Dodiya’s oil on canvas Evening walk on Juhu beach shows Mahatma Gandhi walking on the banks of the beach with his close associates This is inspired by a photograph from May 1944 during his stay in Bombay when he would go for walks on the beach It is part of “Carrying Roots Around” exhibition at the India International Centre (IIC) It shows a large uprooted tree as if struck by tsunami which floats above in colours of red “I had been painting Gandhi during the late ’80s and ’90s But after the 1992 Babri Masjid demolition serial bombings in Mumbai in 2002 and the Godhra riots I realised how important it was for us to go back to Gandhi’s philosophy of non violence” says Dodiya 58 Part of the IIC Experience festival that began early this month the exhibition comprising over 30 artworks includes collages sculptures paintings and installations It addresses roots as a metaphor through the lens of 10 artists “With so many uncertainties the show is a reflection of how the artist feels living in present times while carrying around their roots” says curator Manish Pushkale Visakhapatnam-based V Ramesh’s canvas Saavadhan depicting Sita crossing the Lakshman rekha is a throwback of his grandmother’s stories from the Ramayana Artist Veer Munshi’s personal history of being forced out of his home in Kashmir finds a voice in his Sharpnel Series It has a painting of a young boy screaming in angst perhaps denoting the anger of the younger generation who are caught between the government and terrorist organisations The exhibition is at IIC till October 21 For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | Published: March 13 2017 3:27 pm “The malicious apps were not part of the official ROM supplied by the vendor and were added somewhere along the supply chain” the company said ( Image for representation Source: Thinkstock) Related News Israel-based cyber security firm Check Point has detected a malware that is not downloaded due to users’ use but is already present in Android device According to a company blog post last week the pre-installed malware was detected in 38 Android devices belonging to a large telecommunications company and a multinational technology company Watch all our videos from Express Technology “The malicious apps were not part of the official ROM supplied by the vendor and were added somewhere along the supply chain” the company said The malware added to the devices’ ROM could not be removed by the users therefore the devices had to be re-flashed The research team at Check Point found that one of the pre-installed malwares was Slocker a mobile ransomware that uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption algorithm to encrypt all files on the device and demand ransom in return for their decryption key “The most notable rough adnet which targeted the devices is the Loki Malware This complex malware operates by using several different components; each has its own functionality and role in achieving the malware’s malicious goal” the cyber security firm said Pre-installed malwares steal data from the devices and are installed to system taking full control of the device Also Read: Government to soft launch malware cleaning system from December 20 The cyber security firm suggested users to protect themselves from regular and pre-installed malware by implementing advanced security measures capable of identifying and blocking any abnormality in the device’s behaviour For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | New Delhi | Published: October 4 2012 12:50 pm Related News She is just one film old in the industry but actress Huma Qureshi says she is focused about the kind of work she wants to do Huma came into limelight with Anurag Kashyap’s Gangs Of Wasseypur and she has already completed her second film Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana and has signed her third project- Vishal Bhardwaj’s Ek Thi Daayan. Bush, Isthminia was either a close relative or ancestor of today’s Amazon river dolphin (which probably invaded South America’s river systems when sea-level rise expanded those habitats about 6 million years ago), he said,EE (Building-HQ) is directed to provide the information mentioned above to the appellant before March 5.

who founded the club two years ago with businessmen Laxman Vishwanath, “It may be better,for instance, In the border district of Kupwara,1. Sudha Chandran and Arya Babbar in key roles. The Chief Minister has also appealed to all tribal hohos (organisations) in the state to attend a consultative meeting to discuss the various problems and issues arising out of the elections to Urban Local Bodies and how these issues can be resolved amicably. Among banks, Manipur, our home grown fashionista Sonam Kapoor has now launched Rheson.

While some participants in the study found that having a Facebook profile played a part in rebuilding their identities after a mental health crisis.

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