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tweets, For those traveling to countries affected by the Zika virus,K. which he described last summer as "a very powerful deal great for both countries" that will get done "very very quickly" In reality it seems unlikely a deal will be either quick (as most take 10 years to negotiate) or great for Britain According to Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross the UK must choose between EU and US regulatory models American standards on agricultural products are controversial in the UK (particularly chlorinated chicken) while any divergence would hinder the UKs ability to trade with the EU My Brookings colleague Tom Wright has described the Trump Administrations approach as "a predatory policy designed to take immediate economic advantage of the dislocations and vulnerabilities created for the UK by the Brexit process" American diplomats have quietly encouraged progress in negotiations but the US has mostly remained silent on what it views as a domestic matter The Administration has not yet nominated an ambassador for Ireland nor has it decided whether to appoint an envoy for Northern Ireland Although the unique nature of the current Administration elicited caution in all three capitals about greater US involvement (with someone in Belfast telling me "we dont want Trump tweeting about Northern Ireland") there was agreement that American appeals to protect the Good Friday Agreement would resonate with those who ignore Brexits impact While Trump reportedly mentioned Northern Ireland in a phone call with May earlier this month his visit to London in July seems to be a good opportunity to convey this message more strongly An EU flag is waved in front of the British parliament as the British government debated US President Donald Trump’s state visit to the UK thousands of protesters gathered in large numbers against the trip which would potentially cost millions of pounds in security alone on February 20 2017 in Parliament Square London UK Richard Baker—In Pictures via Getty Images Dividing Lines Brexit has soured Dublins relations with London A member of Irish civil society told me "Brexit triggered a historical muscle memory switch" with tensions previously confined to the rugby pitch spilling out in daily life My Irish interlocutors sounded like aggrieved younger siblings as they lamented British television hosts who mispronounce "Taoiseach" engage in "paddywhackery" and caricature Irish politics Despite decades of IRA bombings in England memories of the Troubles have faded there Three English MPs caused outrage by suggesting the Good Friday Agreement "had outlived its usefulness" and was "not sustainable in the long term" British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has repeatedly downplayed the threat saying recently it is "beyond belief that were allowing the tail to wag the dog" Irish diplomats are quick to reject suggestions Brexit may lead to "Irexit" understanding that EU membership gave a small and peripheral island an enhanced role on the world stage In contrast many outside observers see Brexit as the cry of English nationalism and are skeptical about Mays call for a "Global Britain" As I sat in the British Foreign Office listening to a diplomat explain the concept I looked out the window and saw a gilded horse-drawn carriage deliver an African dignitary to a Commonwealth meeting It was a relic of an imperial era when Britain truly had global reach Brexit negotiations have already caused damage in Northern Ireland as the very idea has destabilized politics divided families and communities and forced people to choose sides The Good Friday Agreement which celebrated its 20-year anniversary in April did not fully resolve past tensions There were no peace commissions or reconciliation efforts nor has there been an enduring answer to the constitutional question Less than seven percent of children attend integrated schools with former First Minister Peter Robinson describing the segregated system as a "benign form of apartheid which is fundamentally damaging to our society" Localized violence remains higher in Northern Ireland than outsiders realize with punishment beatings by paramilitary organizations increasing 60 percent in the last four years During my recent visit I toured the peace wallserected to prevent attacks on residents living along the lines between mainly unionist and mainly nationalist areas It was a marker of how physically close yet psychologically far the two communities live from one another Community groups have toned down the militaristic nature of several murals while some gates are staying open longer Yet there are more peace walls now than in 1998 with the International Fund for Ireland reporting nearly 70 percent of Troubles-related murders took place within 500 yards of these walls Despite these remaining challenges the Agreement allowed people to take a break from ever-present identity questions Nearly everyone I met in Belfast lamented how Brexit has forced the return of "orange and green" a shorthand reference to the constitutional preferences of unionists and nationalists Many unionists supported Brexit DUP representatives are unconcerned by border debates given their primary loyalty to Britain and loath to see the region have a "special status" (preferring "special circumstances") Yet the reality is Northern Ireland has always been treated differently from the rest of the UK It is heavily subsidized by the British state It is the only part of the UK where gay marriage and abortion remain illegal; it is even isolated from Ireland which recently voted to legalize both measures At the same time the islands economy has become heavily integrated particularly in the agri-food sector In contrast the overwhelming majority of nationalists voted to remain in the EU They view a hardening border as a political defeat given recent progress on demilitarization a single economic market and free movement Sinn Féin has renewed calls for a "border poll" to determine whether Northern Ireland should remain part of the UK or join Ireland A recent survey found increasing support for the EU in Northern Ireland amid the complexities of divorce with 69 percent now backing Remain (compared to 56 percent in the referendum two years ago) Brexit has increased Catholic support for Irish unification: while only 28 percent would vote for a united Ireland if the UK remained in the EU, After Brexit, you know, Before the beloved movie, Candlewick Boy Proof (Buy here) By Cecil Castellucci. No charges were filed against him Monday evening.